Introduction to INTENSE Program

Introduction to INTENSE Program by Political Deputy Minister Mon-Chi Lio

The International Talent Circulation Base, or the INTACT Base, is a crucial part of the International Industrial Talents Education special program, known as the INTENSE program. This initiative, jointly planned and implemented by Ministry of Education (R.O.C.)and the National Development Council, is scheduled to commence in 2024.
Our government set this program (The INTENSE program)to encourage more excellent international talents to pursue degrees in Taiwan and build strong connections with Taiwan’s industries.
Meanwhile, this INTENSE program focuses on international talent cultivation in STEM, finance, and semiconductor-related fields. This program is characterized by strong industrial-academic collaboration. Universities in Taiwan and partner companies will jointly design and implement the customized courses such as industry-oriented courses. Furthermore, the partner companies will offer internships and job opportunities after graduation.
To encourage excellent international students to join this program, the National Development Council will provide a scholarship for each student up to NT$100,000 per year for 2 years and also provide a one-way flight ticket to Taiwan. Furthermore, the partner companies will provide each student a living allowance of NT$10,000 per month. After graduation, students will be arranged to work in partner companies in Taiwan for 2 years to learn more on-site professional knowledge and extend hands-on experiences. We hope these work experiences in Taiwan will facilitate strong connections with the domestic industries, ultimately enhancing trade and investment ties between Taiwan and their home countries.

Implementation Measures for INTENSE Program